FODE's primary activity is to provide educational information and programs to help protect and regenerate the Don watershed.

The Don River.
The Don River continues to recover from decades of neglect and abuse. Areas like these make an invaluable contribution to healthy communities.

In addition, from time to time the Board of FODE takes positions on issues that we think present a concern to the health of the watershed.

For the most part, our comments are generated in response to requests for community comment by government agencies and is defined by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency as "incidental advocacy".

FODE vigilantly expends well over 90% of our efforts toward educational and community programming, as required by existing government and foundation guidelines on advocacy.

Currently, the Board has taken advocacy positions on the following issues:

FODE is a membership-based non-profit organization working to protect and enhance the Don River and to encourage the establishment of healthy and sustainable communities within the central and eastern portions of the Don watershed, Toronto, Ontario. © 2004