Project Goals and Objectives
Taylor Massey Project

Developed by a group of volunteers throughout 2003 and early 2004, the Taylor Massey Project has four over-arching objectives:

  • To increase community awareness of the watercourse and increase public participation in efforts to protect and restore its natural features;

  • To identify and help deliver watercourse and natural habitat improvements through increased public participation in agency initiatives, particularly the City of Toronto's Wet Weather Flow Master Plan;

  • To ensure the establishment of the Taylor Massey Trail, a continuous trail from Terraview Willowfield at the 401 and Pharmacy to the Forks of the Don, including trail within Warden Hydro Corridor; and,

  • To increase public and private participation in sound environmental practices that will protect the whole of the Taylor Massey watershed and its surrounding ecosystems .

FODE will deliver the Project through five specific efforts:

  • Maintaining the information on this website

  • Working with government agencies to effect meaningful watershed improvements

  • Distributing FODE information to selected neighbourhoods backing onto the Creek

  • Coordinating public programs throughout the watercourse, and

  • Seeking to establish or align with existing community organizations as "Reach Stewardship Groups": groups of local residents who want to be involved in the protection and regeneration of the watershed.

In summary, and as far as we know, the TMP is the first-ever effort by a non-profit organization to pursue wide-spread social marketing to help local residents become involved in the regeneration of their watershed.

FODE is a membership-based non-profit organization working to protect and enhance the Don River and to encourage the establishment of healthy and sustainable communities within the central and eastern portions of the Don watershed, Toronto, Ontario. © 2004