The Project Portal
Taylor Massey Project

Two sets of information can be accessed from this Portal:

  1. Read the Project Overview , which includes the following sections:
    1. About the Creek
    2. Summary of Current Problems
    3. Moving Toward Remediation
    4. Project Goals and Objectives
    5. The Need for the Taylor Massey Trail, and
    6. The FODE WorkPlan: 2004 - 2014
      ( We hope to add more sections in the future.)

  2. Access the Reach Fact Sheets , containing:
    • customized location maps with area-specific information and recommendations, and
    • links to 65 aerial photos , covering every inch of the Creek and the Warden Hydro Corridor.

Use the map below to identify the area of interest to you, then click on the hyper-link in the box on the right.

The Reaches of Taylor Massey Creek:
Links to Reach Fact Sheets

Terraview Willowfield Manhattan Underwriter's Eglinton Pine Hills St. Clair Ravine Warden Woods Dentonia Goulding Estate Taylor Creek Park Curity Ravine Ferris Ravine Warden Hydro Corridor
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