Warden Woods
Taylor Massey Project

Reach A4

Warden Woods, even with severe erosion and water quality problems, is one of the jewels of Taylor Massey Creek. Between the uninviting NE and SW entrances, and in spite of the rumblings of the subway in the southern 300 metres, Warden Woods is picturesque, quiet, and hosts dynamic diversities of both trees and birds.

The path on the east side of the watercourse is paved, but don't ignore the bridge 500 metres in from Pharmacy: a network of footpaths await to be explored on the west side.

Much erosion damage from too much storm flow can be seen through the reach, as well as an exposed pipe crossing the creek-bed about 300 metres south of St Clair. In spite of the damaged caused by the run-off from the impervious surfaces of human development, the mass of this forested area and its birdlife refreshes the spirit. It can only get better under WWF.

Reach Issues

  • Lake Ontario Keeper reported in January, 2004, that the worst outfall for E-coli bacteria in all the province, with 2,000 times the provincial water quality objective, empties into Taylor Massey Creek at the southwest corner of the Woods.
  • Much work needs to be done to stabilize the creek banks and stem the volumes of stormwater coming into the Creek.
  • Fish barriers need to be removed at both ends of this reach.
Other Information
  • FODE tries to have at least one event per year in Warden Woods. See the FODE Calendar for annual information.
  • This area really needs a Reach Stewardship Group. Contact FODE via eco@fode.ca if interested.

Sub-reach Photos (2002)

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