The St Clair Ravine
Taylor Massey Project

Reach A5

With no access to either the area between Warden and the embankment for the subway line, or to the west side of the ravine from the north side of St Clair, the ravine is almost isolated and does not provide a direct travel route between other reaches. Nonetheless, it is a delightful little ravine, well used by the local residents, and has good potential for increased naturalization and the creation of some small wetlands. Note the greenway running north-east beside the subway line as an alternate route out to Birchmount and the front gate to Pine Hills Cemetery.

Reach Issues

  • This short reach has two fish barriers, several stormwater pipes, and one priority outfall that need to be remediated under WWF.
  • FODE suggests wetland expansions and increased naturalization for the reach.
Other Information
  • We hope to have an event in this area soon, and would like to create a local stewardship group or work with an existing area organization. Contact FODE via if you want to help.

Sub-reach Photos (2002)

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