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Reach A7

While the Eglinton Reach needs the four infrastructure elements described below, nothing can detract from the fact that it consists of three three fabulous ravines: Maida Vale Ravine north of Eglinton; Eglinton Ravine from Eglinton to the RR tracks; and Farlinger Ravine from the RR tracks to Foxridge.

The reach is also home to one of the oldest stewardship groups along the Creek, who have conducted annual clean-ups involving up to 90 people since 1996, and started fall plantings in 2003.

Reach Issues

  • High storm flows have caused significant bank erosion throughout the reach, and it is hoped that Wet Weather Flow will result in reduced flows, channel form naturalization, and extensive plantings along the banks.
  • Extensive local re-development and urban intensification projects currently being proposed locally may present more of both environmental and recreational use challenges.
  • This reach requires 4 of the 7 Trail infrastructure needs of the whole watercourse: a stop-light or crosswalk on Birchmount; two pedestrian bridges, one each just north and south of Eglinton; and an overpass or other safe crossing for the RR tracks. These few elements would complete trail that would extend all the way from Lawrence to Lake Ontario, with a short walk along St Claire east of Birchmount and a detour around the Dentonia Golf Course.
  • Many local residents around the Farlinger Ravine have expressed a desire to retain the informal footpath rather than have a wide hard-surface trail.

Other Information

Sub-reach Photos (2002)

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