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Reach A8

Like A10, Underwriters has its strengths and weaknesses. The biggest strength is that the City acquired the lands near the Creek in the nineties, including the railway alignment that provides excellent trail surface. Weaknesses are that the reach is narrow, the watercourse deeply eroded, water quality very poor, and the southern sections are in trapezoidal concrete channels.

Access from Lawrence cannot be made at Crockford. Walk east a bit, and access the reach through the vacant lot or via the parking lot of the plaza. In spite of the weaknesses described above, the walk is pleasant, and connects to an E-W trail in the Gatineau Hydro Corridor

Reach Issues

  • This is a mostly industrial reach, with really poor water quality, thanks to 5 stormwater outfalls with no treatment. Improved corporate best management practices are a must for this area, especially for the businesses on the west side of Crockford. Many back on to the Creek, and have illegally extended parking lots and garbage tossed onto the publicly-owned creek-bank.
  • FODE suggests WWF consider options to raise the creek-bed, complemented with the establishment of an extensive community of aquatic plants to improve water quality.
  • South of Bertrand, encroachment onto public lands must be stopped, and options developed to rehabilitate the concrete channel.

Other Information

While local scouts have done clean-ups and plantings in the past, Underwriters Laboratories Canada and Toronto Hydro Corporation are working with FODE for a first-ever corporate planting in 2004, and FODE has proposed the creation of a local Corporate Stewardship Association. Contact FODE via eco@fode.ca if you want to help.

Sub-reach Photos (2002)

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