Taylor Massey Project

Reach A9

Taylor Massey Creek crosses Ellesmere in the Warden Hydro Corridor and then becomes lost to the public. Flowing through private backyards south to Manhattan Drive, the Creek is narrowly contained by short, steep slopes, often hardened, with backyard fences frequently right at the top of the banks. South of Manhattan, the Creek has been piped underground, and does not emerge again until it is south of Lawrence.

With no prospect of trail along the Creek in this "Lost Reach", FODE has urged that the City and TRCA acquire the Warden Hydro Corridor and use it as a greenway to link Terraview Willowfield to the rest of the Creek, and indeed to Lake Ontario. See The Warden Hydro Corridor.

Reach Issues

  • As most of the reach flows through private back yards, FODE had been unable to conduct site walks and has limited knowledge of bank stability, hardened features that can be softened, and the extent of streamside vegetation in naturalized back yards.
  • Forty Step to a New Don (1992) clearly indicated this area has significant problems in terms of water quantity, water quality, and both aquatic and terrestrial habitat, while the Wet Weather Flow Master Plan indicated the area needs underground stormwater work and extensive public outreach on lot naturalization and downspout disconnections.

Other Information

  • FODE hopes to find a local stewardship group or ratepayers association to help publicize the need for lot naturalization, downspout disconnections, and other local projects. Contact FODE via if you want to help.

Sub-reach Photos (2002)

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