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The absence of useable greenspace along the banks of Taylor Massey Creek between Ellesmere and Lawrence can fortunately be remedied with the transfer of the Warden Hydro Corridor from the province to municipal agencies. The Corridor itself is fairly flat in the north, but starts to have a nice roll to it south of Lawrence. The location of a meandering path, some minor grading to create hillocks and wetlands, and extensive plantings can make this a valuable community resource, ensure a green corridor from the 401 to Lake Ontario, and increase the area's urban canopy as a buffer against the expected increase in urban "heat island" effects caused by climate change.

FODE suggested a motion passed by the Board of the TRCA (2003) that it seek to acquire the sections of the Corridor containing Taylor Massey Creek, and has suggested that the City acquire the rest. To expedite an economically reasonable transfer of the lands, we have also suggested to the Ontario Smart Growth Panel that land transfers from Ontario Realty Corporation NOT have to be at "full market value" where other beneficial and "smart growth" uses are clearly possible. We expect such transfers to take place at $2.00 each.

Infrastructure requirements for trail in the Corridor are detailed under The Taylor Massey Trail.

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