Wet Weather Flow Master Plan

In order to address the health, property, and environmental impacts of wet weather flows in Toronto, the City is close to completing a multi-year, multi-million dollar Wet Weather Flow Master Planning Process.

The current draft Wet Weather Flow Master Plan involved years of input from a dedicated group of staff, citizens, and consultants, and included extensive public consultation over the years.

The Plan proposes both a 100 year $4 Billion dollar framework and a 25 year $1 Billion first phase Implementation Plan to address basement flooding, reduce the flow of sanitary sewage to local receiving waters, and to reduce and in some cases treat wet weather runoff, which is both the largest source of pollution to local watercourses and which also provides excessive flows that harm natural habitat.

FODE members attended many public information sessions, corresponded with the City on the plan, and reviewed parts of the draft plan, which consisted of 13 boxes of reports, during the summer of 2003.

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