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What a talented singer!

Everyone recognizes the late Queen singer, Freddie Mercury († 45), with the incomparable voice. Is it really like that? Who is the Movie Queen” Bohemian Rhapsody“, he may have been wrong. He sang large parts of the film: YouTube star Marc Martel (46)!

He recently appeared at the Giovanni Zarrella Show” and the “ARD morning magazine”. But who is Mercury’s chirping man? The musician comes from Canada, founded a band – and recognized his talent at an early age.

Freddie Mercury at the Live Aid concert in England in 1985

Photo: photo alliance / empics

“Every time we played, people would ask me, ‘Do you know what you look like? And that became a part of my life,” Martel told morning magazine ARD.

He didn’t really listen to Queen as a teenager. His interest was only aroused in the 2000s.

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However, he had to alter his voice so that it barely stood out from the original: “I had to make my American accent more British.”

His YouTube clip, in which he covered the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” four years ago, has been viewed 55 million times. It made him a YouTube star!

He even appeared on German television with his Freddie Mercury number. In the spring he appeared on the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” and performed there Queen Medley.

See for yourself!

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