Bruce McArthur, who lured the men into the trap as Silverfoxx51

He met men in chat rooms. He was the last to see her alive

Andrew Kinsman then simply left. Disappeared Monday, June 26, 2017 near the Gay Village, Toronto’s gay community. It’s the day after the Pride Parade. Friends see him for the last time at 2 p.m., near his apartment. Around the same time, he texts a friend. Then: nothing more. Kinsman, 49, a trusted Toronto HIV/AIDS Legal Network worker trusted by clients and peers, no longer comes to client appointments. Not at meetings with employees. He no longer answers the phone, no longer responds to text messages.

Two days after Kinsman’s disappearance, friends of Kinsman gain access to his apartment. They find her beloved old cat. Only. Without food. Without water. “He would never have left his 17-year-old cat without food or water,” his sister Patricia later said in an interview. “He was the caretaker of his building. When he didn’t take out the trash on Wednesday, I knew it. His friends reported him missing to the 51st Division Police Station. The fact that he does not answer the phone or that he does not answer by SMS is completely atypical, they explain to the agents. Very worrying. And only the abandoned cat! And anyway: Andrew urgently needs his HIV meds!

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