Canada: Sonic Milling partners with Federated Co-operatives Limited for new oat drinks

Canadian company Pacific Ridge (PACRIDGE), which also owns Sonic Milling, is introducing a new, more sustainable and nutritious way to turn oats into plant-based beverages.

The new “Gold PURE” oat beverages will be available in Canadian co-operative grocery stores thanks to a partnership between Sonic milling And Federated Cooperatives Limited (FCL) offered. The two organizations said they came together as part of their shared mission to develop community-based and sustainable food. The technology introduced by Sonic Milling for oat processing is intended to ensure a sustainable and nutritious beverage.

“Our goal is to increase access to better, more nutritious and more sustainable plant-based products,” said Ken Grenier, CEO of PACRIDGE. “The strong synergies with FCL resulted in a perfect partnership to test our Sonic Milling™ technology and launch the new Co-op Gold PURE oat beverages made from sustainable oats in sustainable packaging.”

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Partnership with FCL

The PACRIDGE partnership with FCL has been guided by a common goal of increasing access to locally grown crops while leaving the lowest possible environmental footprint. The FCL model is based on ranges of local, supportive and sustainable products.

“The oats that are grown here in Tisdale, Saskatchewan are an important aspect of the sustainability of the product,” said Katelyn Rawlyk, store brand specialist at FCL. “A shorter transport route for the raw materials to be processed improves the environmental footprint of the product and the quality of the oats themselves are unmatched.

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Oats Cas-Gain Farms

New Co-op Gold PURE Oat beverages are made with oats from Cas-Gain Farms. The business has been family owned for over 100 years. Cas-Grain Farms is recognized for its commitment to sustainable agriculture and responsible land management.

By partnering with the True Crops™ farming community, Cas-Grain Farms will continue to advance its sustainability efforts with the goal of becoming fully regenerative.

In addition to promoting regenerative farming practices, True Crops™ also supports the traceability of Cas-Grain Farms products to the consumer fork.

Sonic Beverage Grinders
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Sustainable packaging

Distributed through FCL Co-op, Gold PURE Oat beverages are packaged in Ecolean® Air Aseptic containers, which use 70% less plastic than plastic bottles. Overall, costs, energy and resource consumption are reduced and the weight is 50% lighter than conventional cardboard packaging or liquid food bottles.

Ecolean® is based on a life cycle approach, assessing the impact of raw materials until the end of their useful life. The Ecolean® Air Aseptic packaging/container is made with 100% renewable electricity, reduces the use of plastics, reduces water consumption, minimizes food waste throughout its life cycle and has a low carbon footprint.

Supplied by PACRIDGE, the new Co-op Gold PURE oat drinks are available in unsweetened, vanilla and chocolate flavors. The offer also includes two creamier oat drinks for a coffee with vanilla and original flavors.

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