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Wildfires in Canada still out of control

Eastern Canadian firefighters continue to desperately battle several wildfires that are still out of control four days later. The province of Nova Scotia is particularly affected. Prime Minister Tim Houston spoke of fires unprecedented in the country’s history. The region

Thousands flee wildfires in eastern Canada

Halifax Several wildfires have spiraled out of control in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, forcing thousands of people to flee. Northwest of the provincial capital Halifax, an area of ​​788 hectares is on fire, as announced by authorities on

Polar air causes record earthquakes and freezing

As South America battles wildfires, temperatures in North America drop to record lows. Authorities warn of frostbite. In the eastern United States and Canada, polar air currents with strong gusty winds caused extreme frosts. According to the American weather agency

An iceberg looks like the best piece

The story sounds so weird that you have to read it. And if you also read where in Canada the giant penis floats… Photographer Kenneth J. Pretty managed to take a shot that could not be more ironic. He photographed