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Low paid travel managers in Europe

©Pixabay/Bruno Travel Managers in Europe are paid significantly less than their North American colleagues. This shows a report from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) and meetings specialist Cvent. The report is based on a survey of 263 travel buyers

Airbus A330 for the Canadian Army

The new aircraft are Kuwait Airways A330-200s. The contract (US$102 million excluding taxes) for the acquisition and preparation of two aircraft was awarded to International AirFinance Corporation following a competitive process on June 13, 2022. In order to get the

Ceta Agreement with Canada: Trade in Transition

Home page Business Created: 30/11/2022, 16:03 From: Hannes Koch Divide Ever Alot, the largest container ship in the world: The government wants to launch new trade agreements. © dpa The Bundestag could decide on the controversial Ceta agreement between the

Why the crypto exchange is turning its back on Canada

Binance pulls the rip cord. The trading platform will be closed indefinitely in Canada. The company announced it in one go on Friday evening Tweeter known. Regulatory reasons meant further mining was “no longer justifiable”, according to the message. Canadian

7-Eleven plans HPC network in US and Canada

The American distribution group 7-Eleven has announced the construction of its own fast charging network in the United States and Canada under the new 7Charge brand. It is expected to become “one of the largest and most compatible EV fast