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Sustainability – still not a priority for many German SMEs

S1yawdodt. mq6izawywzl ztkaxnwbgf5omlubgluzs1ibg9ja311bc5nbglkzv9fc2xpzgvze21hcmdpbjowfq == LnRiLWhlYWRpbmcuaGFzLWJhY2tncm91bmR7cGFkZGluZzowfQ== = Although climate protection and social standards along the supply chain have been discussed for a long time, many German SMEs continue to neglect sustainability. That’s according to a new study by Sage. According to

Rieter plans major job cuts – TOP ONLINE

TELE TOP spoke to the CEO of Rieter about the situation: Video Order intake fell in the first half by 63% to 325 million francs, as Rieter announced on Thursday. Demand for new machines in particular collapsed, while the component