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New view now also available in Germany

Google Maps has now become a go-to app for many people around the world. The range of functions has been significantly expanded in recent years, so that you not only find out the best route, but also how long a

Start-ups: Hamburg donates up to 50,000 euros to young companies for an introductory course

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“Munich is always a home game”

Home page Culture Created: 06/12/2023, 4:15 p.m. Divide As if he had gargled water from the fountain of youth: singer Michael Sadler, vocally eternally young. © Imago Stock Canadian rock band Saga made an appearance in the sold-out Munich Muffathalle

China and Canada expel diplomats

China and Canada expel diplomats Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau outside Parliament in Ottawa ©AFP Beijing’s alleged attempt to intimidate a Canadian MP has resulted in a diplomatic exchange of blows between the two countries. In response to the expulsion