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“Thank you for the last 27 years!”

Toronto, Canada) – After almost 27 years, it’s over: Canadian punk rock band Sum 41 have announced their separation! That’s it for “Sum 41”: The group around singer Deryck Whibley (43) does one last tour, then they go their separate

Olivia Marei now has three dependent children

Vienna/Berlin – Olivia Marei (33) recently returned to her second home in Vienna after her family trip through Southeast Asia, where the family are now staying for a few weeks and can relax. Olivia Marei (33) adopted a ten-year-old girl

Nelly Furtado makes the disease public

Canada- It was quiet around the singer for a long time Nelly Furtado (44). Now the Canadian is back after a years-long hiatus – with new music and a health update! Singer Nelly Furtado (44) suffers from ADHD. © Uwe