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Did China influence the elections in Canada?

NOTfter Canada’s general election two years ago, the Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver was clearly in good spirits. A member of the Conservative Party, particularly critical of China, missed his return to Parliament. Hong Kong-born Kenny Chiu previously introduced a

Canada begins extradition

KCanada has begun the announced delivery of four Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. On Saturday, Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand tweeted video footage showing the first 2A4 tank being loaded onto a transport plane in the city of Halifax. Last

A centenarian reveals her secret to a long life

calf local Drensteinfurt Created: 07/13/2023 04:53 From: Mechtild Wiesrecker Divide Since 2009 Drensteinfurter: Lieselotte Kösters turns 100 on Monday. © Wiesrecker Liselotte Kösters celebrates 100 years in good health. Proper diet and exercise would have helped her reach this advanced