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Canada: Thousands flee wildfires

Status: 30/05/2023 4:57 p.m. In Canada, forest fires are spreading more and more, they now also affect the east of the country. Thousands of people fled the province of Nova Scotia – some had to leave everything behind. By Charlotte

Smoke from Canadian wildfires envelops Chicago

Chicago Smoke from wildfires in Canada is causing poor air quality and reduced visibility in much of the US Midwest. The Great Lakes region bordering Canada has been particularly affected by unhealthy to very unhealthy air quality, as shown in

Gold Cup: Canada makes a mistake at the start

Canada’s national soccer team kicked off the Gold Cup with a surprising setback. TORONTO (SID) – Canada’s national soccer team opened the Gold Cup with a surprising setback. Without the Bayern professional Alphonso Davies, the World Cup participant did not

Canada expands investigation into ‘Titan’ tragedy

Home page World Created: 25/06/2023 13:54 Divide The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) of Canada has begun investigating Titan’s mothership, Polar Prince. © Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press/AP/dpa There are still many questions about the fate of the “Titan”. Therefore, the “Polar

Raytheon Lands Biggest AMRAAM Deal Ever

US defense contractor Raytheon Technologies announced on June 20 that the company had secured a $1.15 billion (€1.05 billion) order for AIM-120 medium-range advanced air-to-air missiles D-3 and C-8 (AMRAAM). According to the company, this is the largest order to