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The city of Cologne wants to make another attempt next year to bring the wild geese problem under control in the parks. From February 1, there should be a so-called “spawning management” on the hotspots. This means that all but one of the eggs are removed from the nests. A similar concept has long existed in Düsseldorf.

Feeding bans should be more consistently enforced

However, the majority of geese do not breed in urban green spaces, the Cologne spokeswoman explained. On the contrary, the main problem is that the citizens feed the birds illegally, so the animals settle there. Therefore, employees of the public order office should pay more attention to violations of the prohibition on food and take action against them.

Goose hunting banned in Cologne

Wild geese have been a problem in Cologne and other large cities in North Rhine-Westphalia for years because they leave large amounts of their droppings there. Their hunting in inner-city facilities is prohibited in Cologne. The city had commissioned an expert opinion with the help of the State Office for Nature, Environmental and Consumer Protection (LANUV) NRW to then develop stock reduction measures.

During a count, biologists had seen an average of 600 Canada geese and 70 Egyptian geese in 20 bodies of water in Cologne.

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