EA Sports FC could destroy FIFA – 5 changes for a big success

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From: Henrik Jansen

EA Sports FC will be released in 2023. With these 5 changes, it can be a total success and put FIFA in the shadows.

Vancouver, Canada – After more than two decades, EA is relinquishing the eponymous FIFA license. EA Sports FC is the name of the new title from the forge of virtual football. Do we see a new game or the same product every year? We’ve packed our wishes for the FIFA 24 replacement into 5 specific changes that would help the game succeed.

game name EA Sports FC
Released (date of first publication) To be determined
Editors electronic arts
series EA Sports FC (formerly FIFA)
platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia
developer EA Sports
gender soccer simulation

EA Sports FC: With these five changes, it will be a success

Crossplay for everyone: EA’s selling point for FIFA 23 was the implementation of crossplay. A feature already widespread in multiplayer titles four years earlier. In EA Sports FC next, we would like to see the implementation of cross-play happening for all next-gen consoles and all modes. It is unclear to us why functional crossplay platforms differ between Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs.

Relive old FUT events: In FIFA 23, EA has released brand new FUT events. What the community would love though is the return of some fan favorites like the Scream event on Halloween or FUTmas on Christmas. It remains to be seen if any recurring events can be expected in EA Sports FC as most of them are expected to be renamed.

Online career mode: No other change is more anticipated by the FIFA community than an online career mode. Kind of like an Ultimate Team mode, only with an emphasis on realism and a league system. According to a leak, the wish of many EA Sports FC players should come true.

EA Sports FC: These 5 changes are necessary for great success © EA Sports FC

Only updates: According to leaks, these changes will also be implemented by EA. While the FIFA series always came with a new full version every year, EA Sports FC was only expected to receive paid updates at certain times. With this concept Konami’s Electronic Football failed. It remains to be seen how the EA offshoot will fare.

No microtransactions: Our last wanted feature will probably remain a wish forever and will also not be implemented in EA Sports FC. Removing the pay-to-win aspect of Ultimate Team would make the mode much more fun and fair. The packs are welcome, but in our opinion they should only be available via FUT coins and no longer with real money. However, with FIFA pack sales accounting for more than a quarter of EA’s total revenue each year, this change may never see the light of day.

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