Erfurt: the best kebab in town? These are your top 5

This is the crucial question of our time – it is not uncommon for a lively discussion to immediately ensue, and not only in Erfurt. The bread is better there, the meat here, the sauce there…

In a Facebook group has now been discussed, argued and commented on as much as necessary to answer the almighty question: “Where is the best doner kebab in Erfurt?”. Thüringen24 dives into the approximately 150 comments for you and tries to find an answer.

Erfurt: Asking questions about doner kebabs got almost 150 comments on Facebook

Hardly any question offers so much controversy as the question of “best doner kebab” or “good doner kebab”. We all know it: Hunger is great, appetite cries out for meat in flatbread – then you bite into it full of hunger, expectation and desire…and disappointment immediately follows. The meat is wonky, the sauce tastes a bit odd, or the bread looks like it was from the day before. You continue to eat with resignation – because your stomach growls and “it has to go”, as Grandma used to say. But the frustration is spreading. So that this doesn’t happen to you, we have dug through the many comments on Facebook that are all about the best doner kebab in Erfurt and we have them for you. Top 5 selected.

Wrath Giver, Wrath 1

If only because of the location, right in the heart of the old town of Erfurt, it is impossible to stop there at least once – and many Facebook users also consider the Dönnermann to be the number 1 for the best kebab shop in Erfurt. And Google’s reviews are also impressive. After all, the Anger Döner scores 4.6 out of 5 stars from approximately 530 reviews. “Very friendly service, short waiting times and fresh ingredients”, is one of the comments, for example.

Kurdish doner kebab, Geschwister-Scholl-Strasse 10A

The Kurdish doner kebab on Erfurt’s Geschwister-Scholl-Strasse slips into the comments quite often – and among them appears a message that exudes nothing but love for this doner kebab: “I lived in Canada for nine years and the Kurdish doner kebab is the only one I miss! I had worked in Geschwister-Scholl-Strasse and often had my doner kebab there. Delicious! I wish they had something comparable with us! “. And the Google reviews also speak for the taste. 4.5 stars with 650 reviews. “Very delicious food, freshly made the garlic sauce is a dream”.

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Pizzeria Nohra, Nordhäuserstraat 104

One thing has to be said: Erfurt has so many kebab shops that it’s really hard to name the top 5 – let alone find the best one. But Pizzeria Nohra seems to be doing a good job, according to a Facebook poll. Because the name is found very often in the list. And Google’s reviews also speak plain language here. 4.7 stars out of 5 possible. For example, a comment reads: “Very good snack! The kebab in particular convinced me. Bread is not trivial and makes all the difference”.

+++ “Lost Place” in the middle of Erfurt! Finally there is hope for the “visual pollution” on Juri +++

Arkadas, Way of the Scrolls 12

A name that often comes up when people ask about the best kebab shop in Erfurt is Arkadas on Pergaentergasse. A user on Facebook writes for example: “In any case, another vote for the Pargaentergasse. Everything is fresh.” Of course, we also took a look at the Google reviews. 4.4 stars out of 205 Google reviews – sounds pretty good. “It’s good and the service is very nice”, is one of 205 comments.

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Efes Dönerhaus, Waldemarstrasse 4 (corner of Adalbertstrasse)

Last but not least – it must be said that the list is not an “assignment of place”. But the name Efes was often mentioned on Facebook. The store is located near the North Park. If you have a snack here, you can eat it while relaxing in the Nordpark. And Google reviews also speak for the kebab shop. 4.4 stars out of 5 possible. “Friendly, local prices, flatbread fresh from the oven,” writes one woman.

No more news:

Of course, the best doner kebab in Erfurt is above all one thing: a matter of taste! What one finds good, the other does not even approach his mouth. Of course, there are also negative comments about all stores. But honestly… It would have really blown all the executives. Even though the absolute number one is different for everyone, you definitely won’t go wrong with a kebab craving attack with this top 5!

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