Fear of AI streamers – “It’s going to be really scary”

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From: Peer Smith

Pokimane: Twitch streamer thinks AI will eventually take over streaming channels. © YouTube: Pokimané

After Chat GPT, AI streamers may soon be upon us. The Pokimane streamer is afraid of the future.

Quebec, Canada – In a stream on Twitter Twitch streamer Pokimane spent some time discussing her thoughts on AI and its role in streaming. The 26-year-old content creator explained her theories regarding the future of live streaming, detailing the idea that AI could play a much bigger role in this space in the future.

Pokimane’s name: Imane anise
Born the : May 14, 1996
Place of birth: Morocco
Twitch Followers 9,200,000

Pokimane talks to his fans about the future of AI streamers

What if at some point we had streamers walking away from GPT chat develop?said Imane Anys, then explained what this means and how it could work for streaming in the future. “For those who don’t know, it’s like talking to Google. This is the GPT chat. It’s AI and kinda scary. It’s a little scary to be honest, but it made me think we can have a conversation with this thing.

What is a VTuber?

A VTuber (Virtual YouTuber) is a person who hides behind an animated character and posts videos on YouTube. This character is usually created using computer animation or motion capture technology and can exhibit both human and non-human characteristics.

The VTuber itself synchronizes the character’s movements and voice and interacts with viewers and other VTubers via social media. It is a phenomenon that is mostly popular in Japan, but is also gaining popularity in other parts of the world.

Pokimane is one of the greatest streamers of all time on Twitch. She brought up the idea of ​​AI streamers taking over the creation of Twitch content. “You could have one streamers develop that works like real VTubers. All you need to do is create a YouTuber template and then schedule it to stream regularly. It would then be an AI streamer. Presumably, AI streamers will have a very sweet and bubbly personality that picks up on all of the cat’s statements and reactions.”

AI streamers are still a long way off for Pokimane

However, Pokimane also pointed out that AI streaming is a concept for the future and if it happened now, the technology would be less compelling than later. However, the AI ​​streamer Neuro-sama has already shown that very interesting possibilities can already arise. However, the AI ​​was banned from Twitch after making a questionable statement about the Holocaust in their chat.

The artificial intelligence Neuro-sama next to the Twitch logo
Twitch AI streamer Neuro-sama. The streaming provider has banned artificial intelligence after making questionable claims about the Holocaust. © Twitch: vedal987 / Unsplash (Editing)

I think if they made one (AI streamer) now it probably wouldn’t be that advanced, but eventually it will be very advanced and extremely scary‘ Pokimane said in his Twitch chat.

AI streamers have been a hot topic since the ChatGTP hype

The concept of AI taking over the streaming space has become a bigger topic lately. Jonas Dirkes from ingame.de went a bit deeper into the subject. In his posts, Jonas not only writes how ChatGTP worksbut also how to use the Chat-AI can also chat in German. We will continue to monitor the development of artificial intelligence and study the implications for games, streaming and the web. This article was created using machines and has been reviewed by the editors.

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