Freely ! – Frankfurt newspaper from 1923

Ein the German people, a pressing desire and need: towards freedom, towards the new world! This search for the possibility of emigration is partly due to the unfortunate circumstances of the homeland. People want to get out of the inner turmoil, the hatred and envy that poison the soul and weaken the body, the eternal watch for chance profits and inflationary spoils, the oppression of insufficient wages, to lands where one can breathe more freely and live more peacefully.

Dreams of tropical bliss and effortless wealth, as they have animated gold diggers through the ages, resonate deeply. It is too understandable, this aspiration, and it is also an eternal part of the German soul, the Faustian soul. But we must not close our eyes to reality. The romantic emigrant has little chance of succeeding in our time.

This year, the number of emigrants has increased significantly. This is confirmed by the statistical figures available for the last few months; this is confirmed in particular by the current rush in the branches of the Reich Migration Office. A large proportion of people wishing to emigrate go to relatives and acquaintances who live in the United States or in South American countries. For the United States, immigration is impossible without the affidavit of an acquaintance or relative. The others, however, who have no such connections abroad, must in any case have a fairly large sum of German money, several million marks, if they want to emigrate. Because besides the passage and passport fees, they need at least money for the first weeks, when they may not be able to find a job.

A Warning About Fake Advisors

In any case, before contacting the German passport offices, emigrants should go to the credit offices of the Reich Migration Office or to the municipal information agencies set up in certain places in order to receive the right advice there. Again and again, we must warn against these private scam companies, which use the pseudonym of settlement companies and the like to draw money from the pockets of people who seek to emigrate without being able to do anything for them.

Here in Frankfurt, the activity of the Reich Migration Office is now very active. Especially from southern Germany, the Palatinate, Württemberg, the Black Forest and the Bergstraße, many are looking for a way abroad. These are also the areas from which the majority of German emigrants to America came from in previous decades. With these, loved ones often find acceptance and the opportunity to build a new life. Only Germans who can show proof of employment are currently allowed to enter Canada. It is mainly engineers and businessmen sent by German companies who go to East Asia. British India continues to block German immigration.

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