Half-naked women attack deer carcasses

A terrible incident is said to have occurred in Canada. Two half-naked women allegedly attacked a deer carcass.

Two Canadians took spooky pictures with their game camera. After Corinea Stanhope and her grandfather found a dead deer on their property in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada, they set up a camera to see if it would attract other wildlife.

And indeed: the camera recordings show several animals. But they also show two half-naked women handling the corpse. “They arrived ten minutes after sunset. They looked disheveled. Looks like they’re wearing wigs. Looks like she has blonde hair underneath,” Stanhope told Kennedy News & Media. The news site was the first to report the incident.

Cult rumors in town

Then the women began to grab the carcass. “You can’t really see it in the footage, but the hoof was all the way to her mouth. I don’t know if she kissed it, sniffed it, or ate it,” Stanhope continued.

In his hometown of Powell River, there are rumors of a cult that collects animal bones. Stanhope himself hopes for an innocuous reason: “I hope they (the women) went for a walk during the day, saw the camera and wanted to have fun with us.”

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