Julian Claßen and Tanja Makaric: in love? The rumor is swirling!

Julian Claßen (30) and Tanja Makaric (26) are still a happy couple here. Have the two separated now? © Image editing: Screenshot/Instagram/tanjamakaric_

Rumors were already swirling two weeks ago when the former swimmer flew to Canada alone to visit her family. However, when Julian sent his sweetheart roses and chocolate on vacation, the rumors were invalidated.

Now fans are even more worried. Because: Both have removed themselves from their Instagram bios. Additionally, Julian and Tanja also deleted all shared photos on their respective profiles.

Are these the first clues to a love affair with the ex-YouTuber and the native of Wuppertal?

Julian “Julienco” Classen
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The couple’s supporters can now be at least a little calmer. Because Tanja uploaded some photos shortly afterwards. She also linked her loved one in her biography.

But it also caused a lack of understanding among their fans. “Do you need attention or why this show?” an angry netizen asked under a post from the 26-year-old. Another wrote: “Sorry but completely lost in authenticity!!! Simply FLOP.”

Unlike the former bathing siren, “Julienco” hasn’t uploaded the photos and Tanja’s name is still missing from her bio.

While his queen of hearts put all the photos back online, they remained offline with “Julienco”. © Image editing: Screenshot/Instagram/julienco_

But not only Tanja has critical comments about the behavior of the couple. The back-and-forth doesn’t sit well with fans of the mega-entrepreneur either.

“Strange situation, they definitely want some attention again, you don’t know,” reads a critical post below one of her photos.

Another user hits the same note: “Thanks to such actions, they also get a lot of followers… Hallelujah, ey.”

Julian “Julienco” Classen
Julian Classen finds himself in the police network and experiences an absolute first – “Awesome, I never had to do this”

But the date also seems odd to “Julienco” fans. Because yesterday, Sunday, a year ago, her ex Bianca “Bibi” Claßen (30) posted her last post about her Instagram Channel. Recently, there were even rumors that she would be celebrating a comeback on this day, but that didn’t happen.

After 13 years, four as a couple, “Bibi” and Julian separated almost exactly one year.

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