Julian Claßen sends his warm greetings to his ex Bianca! Tanja comments on the split rumors

Cologne- Just in time for Mother’s Day also Julien Classen (30) plowed on a giveaway. However, his own mother was not in the foreground – with children Lio and Emily he made his ex Bianca Classen (30) a gift from the heart.

Lio and Emily had a cool idea for Mama Bianca Claßen and made a poster for the 30-something. © Editing: Screenshot/Instagram/Julian Claßen

Are the influencer and his ex-wife getting closer again about a year after the split?

Just a few days ago, “Julienco” gave a lot of information about the agreements with his ex. “Everyone always has the kids for a week,” the 30-something revealed. Just in time for Mother’s Day, the entrepreneur has come up with a very special surprise for the mother of his children.

During a long walk through Cologne, Lio and Emily caught many flowers and made a loving poster for mum “Bibi” with dad’s help. “Happy Mother’s Day,” wrote the 30-year-old on the poster, citing his offspring.

Julian “Julienco” Classen
Who takes care of the children and when? Julian Classen talks about the relationship with Ex Bibi

Other mothers also enjoyed a message of love from the Sonnyboy: “Welcome all mothers 🫶🏻”

Is the blond boy working towards a reunion with his first big love for the sake of his children? Nasty separation rumors regarding Julian and his girlfriend Tanja Makaric (26) have been circulating on Instagram for days and are scaring the community.

The reason for these claims is the Wuppertal native’s recent trip to Canada. Without her “Julienco”, the ex-competitive swimmer went alone to the other side of the world. Too suspicious for a fan who then responded to the 26-year-old with a very specific statement.

“Ohh traveling alone. First crisis,” he said in the comments column of his last post. Unusually, the 26-year-old took a straight stand and was quite affected and upset. “I know this is what you want so badly. But why in God’s name can’t I go ‘alone’? Why can’t I visit my sister, my brother-in-law and my nephew ?” Tanja exclaimed.

But that’s not all! “This constant speculation and wishing someone ill. That’s enough! I wish you all the best. Leave me/us alone. 🤍”

As she vehemently defended herself against the budding rumors far from home, “Julienco” was literally silent.

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