King Charles, Camilla, Prince William and Kate are planning a two-year tour

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From: Annemarie Goebel

Like rock stars, members of the royal family are now going on world tours. King Charles III wants to convince the countries of the world of the power of the kingdom with Queen Camilla, Prince William and Princess Kate.

London – Apparently the Royals around King Charles III. (74) soon the life-outside-the-suitcase announced instead of the daily-life-at-the-château. After the coronation and the inaugural visits of the new monarch, everything could now sink into the typical sleep behind the palace walls, in which the usual appointments are observed, but otherwise everything remains as in the days of Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022). Yet the regent has, like that Mail on Sunday reported, apparently completely different plans.

The driving force behind the Royal Tour is apparently a desire to keep the monarchy on track

For the past two years, the royal clover made up of King Charles, Queen Camilla (76), Prince William (41) and Princess Kate (41) should be on a kind of tour. Their mission: to strengthen relations with the Commonwealth and the rest of the world with “soft diplomacy”. Kate and William plan to take their children, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, with them on the trip, according to palace sources. The palace insider told the tabloid: “State visits are resuming.

Charles has yet to visit any of the 14 Commonwealth countries outside the UK where he is head of state. A trip to Kenya is apparently still on the calendar this year with Queen Camilla – a Commonwealth country in which Charles is not recognized as head of state. Kate and William are due to travel to Singapore, with William expected in New York in September to support his environmental project, the Earthshot Prize. Charles and Camilla will also finally travel to France – the troubles of the spring had ruined travel plans.

The Commonwealth is in danger of collapsing

Elizabeth II was once queen of 31 Commonwealth realms. Today, the number has more than halved to 14 and the decline continues unabated. More and more countries could secede, many referendums are already planned.

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness (51) said he had hoped to sever colonial ties immediately after the Queen’s death, but bureaucratic hurdles and “a long period of public education and consultation” would prolong the process.

Antigua and Barbuda could also secede. Prime Minister Gaston Browne, 56, told the visiting Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh, 59, in April 2022 that Britain must pay reparations for its “atrocities”.

Experts say King Charles must now change course

Apparently Charles can’t move fast enough now. Palace insiders have suggested that the four royal models are already stalling and are frustrated with the length of the visitation approval process, which is decided by the State Department and the Royal Visitation Committee. In any case, one thing is certain: King Charles will visit Samoa next year at a meeting of Commonwealth Heads of Government.

Pretty hectic!  Members of the royal family around King Charles are already in the travel bug (photo montage).
Pretty hectic! Members of the royal family around King Charles are already in the travel bug (photo montage). © Stephen Lock / Imago / Chris Jackson / dpa

Experts also see post-coronation travel as a necessity to stay in power. Historian Ian Lloyd said, “A visit by Charles to Canada and one by William or Catherine to Australia and New Zealand would take advantage of the worldwide interest that has existed since the coronation. You need to do this quickly before interest wanes.” From his point of view, a trip with the children of the couple heir to the throne would be a real public relations triumph. Princess Charlotte is already considered “more valuable” than her mother Kate from a marketing perspective. Sources used:,

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