Minus 20 degrees in Germany – a meteorologist warns the population

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From: Marcus Gable

Winter is starting again, assures meteorologist Jan Schenk. In Germany, too, temperatures could drop below minus 20 degrees in a few weeks.

Munich – Winter makes it particularly exciting this year. After himself after the Cold start in December elegantly restrained last, the big end is apparently yet to come. Jan Schenk explains it in a video in which the meteorologist von weather channel the evolution of the general meteorological situation and the possible consequences for Germany and other countries indicated. And they can be really chilly, huh merkur.de reported.

In February and March, winter in Germany could bring temperatures down to minus 20 degrees, warns the meteorologist. (symbol photo) © Bernd Feil / MiS / Imago Images

“An arctic winter threatens again, also in Germany,” warns Schenk. The cold wave cannot yet be really localized. The only thing that is certain is that some earthlings: inside, in the northern hemisphere, a violent final agreement of winter will descend on their homes.

Weather in Germany: High moves polar vortices south

it depends on the ending the girl-year together. In this period, “high pressure areas over Siberia and Alaska could become very strong.” Result: “They disrupt the polar vortex.”

The previously stable polar vortex above the North Pole is moving out of position and heading south. In Europe, maybe in Germany. “The polar vortex will be massively disturbed, spread, reduced, narrowed in late January or early February,” predicts Schenk. Also cold air masses and winch are postponed.

At the northernmost point of the earth high pressure and warm air takes over: “In the stratosphere, the air is up to 60 degrees warmer than normal.” It’s a question of “sudden stratospheric warming”. And that complicates the weather forecast – which at first glance doesn’t mean the view towards the end of winter is accurate.

Beginning of winter in February: a meteorologist predicts “values ​​beyond minus 20 degrees”

But Schenk also insists on a certainty: “Three to six weeks after such an event, there will be an eruption of arctic air masses, leading to a really cold winter. Preliminary skirmishes.”

Is the frost coming back? Temperatures below minus 20 degrees are possible this winter. (Symbol photo( © Damien Meyer / AFP

After all, it is all but certain that Germany or Europe in general will feel this freezing side of winter. It is possible that the victims live further west or further east. “It can happen in North America, in Siberia, but also in Germany,” Schenk says, listing the options. But somewhere there are “values ​​beyond minus 20 degrees” in there.

Winter weather in Germany: “From mid-February there is a risk that it will get really cold”

Now that sounds really uncomfortable. In any case, no one should underestimate this winter. Or as the meteorologist puts it: “From mid-February to March, we run the risk of it getting really cold again. This winter is really going to hit again.

Good to know. So don’t store your winter jackets and boots too far in your wardrobe just yet. The first third of the coldest season is not yet over – at least from a calendar point of view.

For meteorologists, winter in the northern hemisphere begins on December 1. But Schenk’s conclusion doesn’t just apply to his predictions for the coming weeks: “Winter is probably far from over.” In fact, even an icy extension is possible. (mg)

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