New Air France menus in Business Class on flights departing from Canada

Air France works with chefs around the world on its flights departing from certain regions. Gourmet meals have also recently been prepared for flights from Canada.

Air France already offers various menu creations by renowned chefs in Business Class for flights departing from Singapore and Reunion. Since June 1, the airline has offered a total of six different dishes on flights from Canadian regions in collaboration with another renowned chef, starting on Air France press release emerges.

Olivier Perret creates dishes for Air France

Since the beginning of June, new dishes by chef Olivier Perret have been offered on flights departing from the Canadian cities of Montreal, Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver. Menus will also be available from Ottawa in late June.

In Business Class, two dishes specially created for Air France are served on each flight. Passengers can choose between a poultry meal or a vegetarian alternative. Perret uses local and seasonal products, which must meet airline standards. An example of a poultry dish is tarragon-crusted chicken fillet, glazed fondant potatoes, fried chanterelles and blueberries, served with a red wine sauce. An exemplary vegetarian alternative would be pearl barley with kale, melted Quebec cheese and roasted root vegetables.

Gastronomy Air France

Originally from Burgundy, Olivier Perret works at Le Renoir restaurant at the Sofitel Montreal Le Carré Doré hotel. He is also a member of the Culinary Academy of France. For several years, he has been involved in numerous associations and foundations working for children, women, health and the environment. It promises refined and imaginative cuisine to Air France customers.

Air France takes action against food waste. Therefore, passengers traveling in business class must choose their meal before departure. This means that each guest has the desired dish on board and there is no excessive consumption.

Conclusion on Canada’s New Courts

Since early June, chef Olivier Perret’s dishes have been served on Air France flights departing from Canada. Sustainability is important to him, which is why he uses local and seasonal products. Passengers choose their meal before take-off, which reduces food waste.

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