Referee at Croatia vs Canada: Who’s whistling today’s World Cup match?

After Croatia had started the 2022 World Cup without a must-win against Canada there is a victory. However, Belgium had a tough time with the North Americans and only won 1-0. Will Croatia create a World Cup similar to 2018?

Who arbitrator leads the World Cup game? What games has he refereed before? All information about Arbitrator.

World Cup 2022: Will this referee officiate the game between Croatia and Canada?

The referee team for the World Cup match between Croatia and Canada at a glance:

  • Arbitrator: Andres Matias Matonte Cabrera (Uruguay)
  • helpers: Nicolas Taran (Uruguay), Martin Soppi (Uruguay)
  • Fourth official: Kevin Ortega (Peru)

Andres Matias Matonte Cabrera: Does he have World Cup experience?

The 34 year old man Uruguayan is one of the youngest referees at this World Cup. Only since 2019 he stands on fifa list. He gained international experience in the Copa Sudamerican and the Copa Libertadores. He also refereed three matches of the 2021 FIFA Arabian Cup.

Referee at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

FIFA has ordered a total of 129 official referees for the World Cup in Qatar. There are a total of five Germans in various functions. In addition, for the first time, three women will be the main referees of a World Cup. In addition to the 36 main referees, 69 assistants and 24 other video referees are deployed. You can get an overview of all World Cup referees in Qatar here.

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