Schöneberger irritates viewers with a nasty question

Barbara Schöneberger conducted the show together with Hans Sigl.Image: MDR/ORF/Peter Krivograd


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Under the starry sky of Klagenfurt, Barbara Schöneberger and Hans Sigl presented the “Starnacht am Wörthersee” on Saturday evening. In front of 8000 people, most of whom were equipped with luminous pool noodles, musicians like Howard Carpendale, Vanessa Mai, Maite Kelly, Andreas Gabalier and Andrea Berg passed the microphone like a stick.

Schöneberger and Sigl provided brief entertainment between performances – the Aperol spritz always on hand, it seemed. So it didn’t take long for Schöneberger to start chatting on a “mental trip”.

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Barbara Schöneberger talks about bad pickup lines

“‘Summer, sun, love’ – how does that feel to you?” Sigl asked his co-moderator. “Hunger! I’m hungry right now,” Schöneberger first explained before explaining after a while that the terms also reminded him of holiday flirtations. She still remembered one particularly bad line in this context.

“I hope you are well insured, because of you I now have a lump in my pants,” an admirer once told him, Schöneberger said. But he had no success with that. “It didn’t end well,” she explained of the attempted strike.

Schöneberger takes a bath in the crowd

She also clarified that Schöneberger did not beat around the bush when she was in the audience during a music break. Some fans were there with printed T-shirts that said “Starnacht am Wörthersee 2023”. “What happened with you, look what could have been possible”, the blonde then said cheekily to a woman in a flowered blouse who stood between the hardcore fans.

“Nothing has gone wrong with us,” the irritated viewer explained. In order not to stir up another bad mood, Schöneberger immediately defused the situation with a compliment on the lady’s outfit. It went well again.

Vanessa Mai celebrates her first

Whether in fan dress or not, the public was treated to several surprises on Saturday evening. For example, there were two song premieres: Vanessa Mai introduced her new song “Hotel Tropicana” right at the start of the show. She caused a second surprise when during her performance of “Unendlich”, her mother-in-law Andrea Berg suddenly took the stage for a duet.

Andreas Gabalier celebrated the second first song of the evening with “Superstar”. The song connects him to his little sister, according to the “Volks Rock ‘n’ Roller.” The reason: The Flying Dragon was the first constellation they both knew about, he explained.

Andreas Gabalier sings “for Europe”

He also caused another upset on Saturday. To honor pop star Roy Black, who had a special connection to Lake Wörthersee, Gabalier sang his own version of the black hit “It’s nice to be in the world” on the piano.

The lines of text would have touched him, Gabalier reached out after his singing performance and became downright sentimental: “What has happened in recent years?” asked the singer. There are so many “divisions and tensions”. It was particularly important for him to create “good vibrations” with the black song and to “sing for Europe”, explained the Austrian. “At least,” commented Schöneberger. Did that sound like irony?

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