Shawn Mendes cancels tour due to mental health issues

Shawn Mendes canceled the continuation of his world tour at the end of July for health reasons. The singer has now revealed how he spends his free time.

Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes (24) had to announce sad news to his fans at the end of July. He will have to cancel the rest of his world tours. Mendes had already interrupted the first part in early July to focus on his health. The musician has now revealed to a reporter from the American portal “TMZ” how he currently spends his time.

He is in therapy and spending a lot of time with his family, Mendes said. It’s important for him to do things he hasn’t had time to do for the past few years, like meeting friends.

Mendes, who celebrated his 24th birthday on August 8, recently posted a photo on Instagram where he appeared to be enjoying the mentioned moment with friends.

He didn’t realize how difficult it was to play live again after the long pandemic break. “After talking to my team and working with an incredible group of healthcare professionals, I realized I needed to take the time that I personally never took to explore myself and come back stronger.”

Among other things, appearances in Great Britain and Europe were planned. In Germany, Mendes would have been on stage in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg next year. The “Wonder: The World Tour” began in Portland in June and was originally scheduled to last through August 2023.

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