Silver and bronze at World Championships: Speyer rowers succeed for Germany

Thanks to great performances, Tim Streib and Ole Bartenbach from the Speyer Rowing Company won silver and bronze at the World Rowing Championships (U23) in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Tim Strieb and teammates Oskar Kroglowski, Jakob Waldhelm and Yannick Doerr were the first lightweight pair. Spectators’ expectations of an exciting race were not disappointed. Once again Italy, who took the lead early on, proved to be the toughest opponent. Italy held the lead throughout the 2000m, closely followed by Canada and Germany. After the 500 meters, the foursome around Tim Streib pushed Canada from second place and did not give up until the finishing bell. Italy won in 5:54.50 minutes, Germany took silver in 5:56.52 minutes ahead of Canada in 6:01.43 minutes. The United States, France and Serbia followed far behind.
The round of 16 was also very exciting with Ole Bartenbach and his teammates Noah Anger, Jannis Matzander, Jan Szymczak, Paul Martin, Kasper Virnekaes, Simon Schubert, Florian Koch and coxswain Constantin Conrad.
At the 500m mark, Germany had taken a small lead over the United States. At the halfway mark, the United States was in the lead and Great Britain had overtaken Germany and Australia. From fourth place, Germany entered the final section of the course, where the final sprint almost ended in silver. The leading Britons couldn’t be caught, the Australians were overtaken and the Americans lost tenths of a second on their lead of more than two seconds at the 1500m mark. Finish: gold for Great Britain, behind them USA saved in 5:28.90 minutes for silver, followed by Germany eighth in 5:28.99 minutes with bronze. Australia, the Netherlands and Romania followed.
“Getting silver and bronze at the World Championships in Speyer is something very special,” said the rowing fanbase of Speyer.

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