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“Sing my song – The exchange concert” celebrates its 10th anniversary! In addition to completely new faces, this time around there are also performers from previous seasons.

What is the award-winning TV format “Sing My Song – The Swap Concert”va, who moderates and who participates as well as all the songs of the season, read here.

At the start of the new season on April 25, the songs of Stefanie Kloß and her band Silbermond will be swapped. Hits like “Symphony”, “Das Beste” or “Something Remains” will then be surprisingly new to hear.

These are the rules to sing my song

Seven German artists come together for “Sing my Song – The Exchange Concert”. Each evening, one of the stars takes center stage: his best songs are reinterpreted and interpreted by the other artists.

For artists and spectators, there are always unforgettable and very moving moments. At the end, the artist of the evening sings one of his songs in progress and chooses it evening song – it was the version of the songs performed that he liked best.

In 2023, the artists live together in a house in South Africa. On the last evening, the artists come together in a large duo.

Who is in “Sing mein Song” 2023?

Johannes Oerding will be hosting as usual. Stefanie Kloss (38) by “Silbermond”, singer-songwriter Lea (30)Singer Clueso (42) and high end Nico Santos (30) come back for birthday season. the rapper Climb (28) and indie pop singer Allie Neuman(27) are new and also want to exchange their songs with the other participants.

In 2023, Johannes Oerding will host “Sing meine Song” for the third time

Photo: Sybille Schneider

All episode songs at a glance

In episode 1 of “Sing meine Song”, the songs of Stefanie Kloß / Silbermond traded. The songs of The LEAs were reinterpreted in the second episode.

In the third episode of May 9, the songs of the rappers Climb exchange. The singer could not decide on an “evening song” and therefore finally chose the group.

These songs have been sung on “Sing mein Song” so far:

Artist Songs from Episode 1 Episode 2 songs Episode 3 songs
Climb “Just the Same” (Evening Song) “If You Let Me” “Love in Danger”
clue “light luggage” “Schwarz” with Nico Santos and “Homesick for us” “From top to bottom”
Allie Neuman “My East” “test of courage” “Malboro Light”
Johannes Oerding “In my memory” “Three in the Morning” “If I were you”
LEA “Time of the Optimists” “Tell me how” “Moon”
nico santos “The best” “Black” with Clueso “sometimes there”
Stefanie Kloss “Hey mom” “River” (evening song) “Angel”

In episode 4, the songs of clue exchange. In the most recent episode, the songs of Allie Neuman reinterpreted by the artists. Here are the songs from episodes 4 and 5:

Artist songs in a row4 Episode 5 Songs
Climb “You were always there” “As”
clue “Because I Love You (Westernhagen)” “light luggage”
Allie Neuman “Paris” “My East”
Johannes Oerding “Don’t want to go there” “In my memory”
LEA “When You Love” “Time of the Optimists”
nico santos “37 degrees in paradise” “The Best” (Song of the Night)
Stefanie Kloss “Barefoot” “Hey mom”

“Sing meine Song” 2023 Release Dates

“Sing my song – the exchange concert” is broadcast from April 24, 2023, every Tuesday at 8:15 p.m. on VOX on TV.

Here are the exact air dates and songs that will be swapped:

Result Songs BY…
04/25/2023 – Episode 1 Stefanie Kloss/Silver Moon
02/05/2023 – Episode 2 LEA
09/05/2023 – Episode 3 Climb
05/16/2023 – Episode 4 clue
05/23/2023 – Episode 5 Allie Neuman
05/30/2023 – Episode 6 nico santos
06/06/2023 – Episode 7 Johannes Oerding
06/13/2023 – Episode 8 duets

Also: There is a streaming playlist for the show. You can listen to the music at any time on RTL+ and on May 19, 2023, like every year, an album with the 42 swap songs will be released.

“Sing meine Song” has already received these awards

The show has already received numerous awards. Not only for the entertainment factor of the series, but also for the albums released from the first seasons.

  • 2014 : German Television Awards in the category “Best entertainment”
  • 2015 : Grimme Prize Nomination And “Bambi” in the “National Music” category, nomination for the echo in the category “Album of the year”
  • 2016: Nominated for the German Television Awards in the “Best Primetime Entertainment” category, nomination for the echo in the category “Album of the year”
  • 2018: golden camera in the category “Best Show”

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