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Her dachshund gaze struck him straight to the heart.

ARD presenter Stefan Mross (47) also lost dachshund lady Lotti (3) with the separation from Anna-Carina Woitschack (30). She moved in with her ex-wife. Mross suffered like a dog from loss.

At Christmas, the TV star was particularly happy: he offered himself a rabbit dachshund puppy.

Wauzi separation: Stefan Mross’ ex, Anna-Carina Woitschack, with the dachshund Lotti. The dog took the singer with her

Photo: anna.carina.woitschack/Instagram

Mross to BILD: “I called the little one Luna, which means the moon, because her fur is as light as the moon.”

Luna is only six months old, very playful. Mross: “I immediately took her to my heart. We go for walks together, we cuddle.

Dark eyes, light brown fur and drooping ears: Dachshund Luna is Stefan Mross' new darling

Dark eyes, light brown fur and drooping ears: Dachshund Luna is Stefan Mross’ new darling

Photo: Schneider-Press/W. Breiteneicher

Now Master Stefan just needs a new mistress!

This is how the dachshund rabbit breed ticks

The rabbit dachshund is a smaller subspecies of the dachshund. He was originally a hunting dog that was believed to hunt locals for the hunter in rabbit tunnels.

Its coat varies from black to light brown in all shades of color. His distinctive droopy ears have been cultivated over generations to protect his sensitive ear canal.

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