Summer cruises – The best itineraries for the warm season!

The long-awaited summer is finally here and you can look forward to an unforgettable summer cruise. But what are really the best routes during the warm months? Let yourself drift and find the best route for your cruise, as not all destinations are equally recommended in summer. You should take a close look at the preferences you bring with you and what you can expect from an incomparable vacation.

destinations in the north

When temperatures warm up nicely in the north, northern cities show their best side.

Even the cool Baltic Sea creates sunny opportunities on a summer cruise. While at other times of the year you have to stand at the balustrade, well wrapped up, a jacket is enough in summer, even in the evening.

If you are looking for a sunny but cooler environment, a summer cruise in the Far North is for you. Whether it’s North Sea and Baltic Sea cruises or a visit to the British Isles, now is the perfect time to experience the cooler north with pleasant temperatures.

A very special experience is the Cruise in the fjords of Norway: because especially in summer the cool northern seas sparkle with a particularly intense blue, while nature shows itself in all its splendour. You can also feel the mood in the evening with mild temperatures, because in the north the days end differently in summer. The sun does not set. It’s particularly romantic Midnight sun in the North Capethe northernmost point of Europe.

Ships that offer great indoor entertainment but also fun on the open deck are particularly suited to these destinations. A wind-sheltered cabin with a balcony will likely allow you to spend a lot of time in the sun. You better save the balcony at the bow for another trip.

Summer in the Mediterranean

Mid-summer is the best time to travel to Europe. You can’t go wrong with a summer cruise in European waters. Even though the beaches and shore facilities hardly offer space during the peak travel season, you can enjoy the luxury of limited capacity on board.

You don’t even have to decide on a destination. The summer vacation on the cruise ship shows you the most beautiful travel destinations in Europe on a trip.

In the western Mediterranean there are ports such as Mallorca, Ibiza, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Marseilles, Rome and Naples.

With Dubrovnik, Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Trieste and Venice, the eastern Mediterranean offers exceptional ports with maximum temperatures. Even Aphrodite enjoyed Cyprus during the summer months.

The advantage of cruises in Europe is the short journey. That way the fun doesn’t stop on hour-long flights.

Book a cruise ship that offers plenty of outdoor space. You will spend a lot of time on deck. Also make sure you have at least one pool on board, you’ll love cooling off before enjoying a cool drink from the pool bar overlooking the vastness of the sea. Invest a few minutes in cabin planning and get an idea of ​​where the sun is coming from during your trip so you’re sure to sit on the sunny side. If you are traveling with children, families are offers of AIDA Or TUI Cruises highly recommended.

Long-distance summer destinations

When cruising in the summer to sunny destinations, it’s best to head to destinations that offer year-round summer temperatures. A round trip across the South Seas with Hawaii and the east coast of the USA guarantees beautiful places with guaranteed sunshine.

On these voyages, you’ll spend more days at sea than on other summer cruises, so choose a cabin that offers enough space and comfort. The size of the ship is also decisive for a good vacation on this cruise. Do you like to be with lots of people or do you like solitude? Choose wisely as you will be spending a lot of time with your fellow travelers.

Only the Caribbean is to be avoided in summer. You can travel to this area all year round, but you shouldn’t choose the rainy, hurricane-prone summer months.

Adventurous expeditions

Summer is the best time to travel to Alaska for an adventurous vacation. With mild temperatures, you can explore the wilderness late into the evening or soak up the ambiance on deck. During the arctic summer, even excursions within the country are possible. With an average temperature between 10 and 21 degrees, the view of the icebergs from the deck is possible with a cool drink.

If Alaska is too rough and pristine for you, then Canada is a good choice. The average temperatures at the time of the European summer are 18 to 25 degrees. With 43,042 kilometers of coastline, you will find a cruise in a varied country with pleasant temperatures.

A round trip from Canada to Alaska is particularly recommended. In this way, beautiful and varied stretches of coast can be combined.

Expedition cruises are ideal for trips to the Arctic. The ship should have sufficient indoor recreational facilities, but also provide sheltered areas in good weather. Small ships make these trips fun for adventurers who love the swell. Sensitive individuals are advised to avoid sailing on modern vessels with outriggers such as the Hapag Lloyd expedition vessels to book.

Whatever you want from your summer cruise, you can choose from a wide range of destinations and ships.

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