The situation in Canada’s wildfire zones is improving slightly


After weeks of violent forest fires in Canada, the authorities note a slight relaxation of the situation. According to the authority responsible for mineral resources, all the fires around Halifax, on the east coast of the country, are under control, Canadian television CBC reported. In Shelborne County, which is also in Nova Scotia, they are optimistic that the situation will soon be completely under control, he said. The first evacuees were able to return to their homes.

In the province of Quebec, in the northeast of the country, on the other hand, 143 fires were still active on Sunday, and not all of them could be fought at the same time, indicated the Minister of Public Order François Bonnardel. An area of ​​approximately 183,000 hectares was affected, more than twice the area of ​​Berlin. The province of Quebec is almost five times larger than Germany and has approximately 8.5 million inhabitants.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Twitter on Saturday that he would use members of the Canadian Armed Forces to fight the fires. Canadian media reported last week that about 1,200 international firefighters have traveled to the country to battle the blazes.

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