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From: Henrik Jansen

EA Sports FC is expecting us in a few months. Five major changes have already been leaked to the Ultimate Team mode. We will show you.

Vancouver, Canada – With EA Sports FC, EA wants to usher in a new era. After naming rights reverted to Association Football this year, the Virtual Football Forge is now trying it out under its own flag. A lot has already been leaked about the game itself. This also applies to the popular Ultimate Team mode. We show you the 5 biggest changes that have already been leaked.

game name EA Sports FC
Released (date of first publication) To be determined
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series EA Sports FC (formerly FIFA)
platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia
developer EA Sports
gender soccer simulation

EA Sports FC: Dynamic Packs, Women in FUT and more – Here are five changes that await you

Dynamic Packs: The first leaked change in EA Sports FC concerns the probability of the contents of the pack. A gameplay mechanic based on gacha games like Genshin Impact would be introduced, which ensures good loot box contents after opening a certain number of packs. With this change, EA would no longer hide the pay-to-win accusation. However, Dynamic Packs in EA Sports FC could mean even more Pay-2-Win.

FUT Academy: FUT Academy is a leaked level system for individual cards. So it should be possible to determine a player in EA Sports FC and increase their overall strength by achieving various goals. For example: “Score 50 goals. According to the leak, the packs should also be unlockable.

EA Sports FC: These 5 big changes have already leaked © EA Sports

No job change: An item popular for years will be removed from packs in EA Sports FC. We are talking about position modifiers. It remains to be seen if the players can only be placed in one position, or if the player can adapt to foreign positions.

New design of cards and packs: As usual in every new game of FIFA, in EA Sports FC expect a new map design for Ultimate Team players. There should also be a breath of fresh air in packs, as EA wants to release brand new distributions of items in packs.

Women in the ultimate team: Women’s football is a growing branch of football and EA is aware of this development. In EA Sports FC, there will be women in Ultimate Team for the first time. It shouldn’t be a separate mode, but both genders should be able to play as a team, like in professional clubs. We remain curious to see if EA Sports FC has any other changes in store.

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