This is how they experience their tour of the United States and Canada –

67 concerts across the USA and Canada: Before Milky Chance left for the biggest tour in their band’s history at the end of May, the musicians from Kassel visited us at FFH Guten Morgen, Hessen. In an interview, they reveal what to expect on such a long tour – and what special features they need for their backstage.

It’s a decent program that Milky Chance has ahead of them in the next few weeks. Next Saturday they will be live on stage at the start of their North American tour in Quebec, Canada. And from there it spans the entire continent – from Vancouver to Miami, from San Francisco to New York. Averaging five gigs a week, traveling from town to town in between – for 14 weeks.

In the FFH interview, singers Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch told us what they would really like to see behind the scenes and why they had built an additional “entertainment case”. “Well, first of all, we need a shot of ginger when we arrive in the morning. With lemon and a little pepper, if you like.” Also, they always want the organizer to have a room with lots of space, windows and lots of light.

Very important: the washing machine behind the scenes

But very practical things are also on Milky Chance’s wish list: “A washing machine is always good – and a dryer. We’re already sweating on stage and can’t take 67 outfits with us for 67 shows.” And that’s why, if possible, we wash and dry directly behind the scenes. But if that’s not possible for some reason, then the “famous Band-On-Tour-Laundry trip” can happen: “We then pack up all our dirty laundry and go to the nearest laundromat, throw our laundry and then we hang out in front of him.”

But such excursions are no problem for Milky Chance in North America, as they are rarely recognized on the streets: “You have to say in real terms: we are not superstars anymore. […] Clemens always says it so well: music is better known than we are. And that’s a good thing,” Philipp tells us.

Angel, yoga mat and whiskey mixer in the “entertainment case”

The group brings with them the most important things for their own entertainment. They had an extra “entertainment case” built that they take with them from gig to gig: “There’s a really good system inside. You can mount it very well and you can also connect instruments. There are balls in there, card games, yoga mats…” Even a fishing rod is housed there, in case the opportunity arises to spend some time on a river. In addition – “also very important” – a blender to prepare your own drinks. Above all, the Clemens Whiskey Sour is excellent.

The guys from Kassel are touring North America until September 1st. After that, they will play their only announced festival appearance in Germany this year. September 15 at the Hockenheim Ring.

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