Top Kids’ Shows Today: From “Mama Fox and Papa Badger” to “Mascha and the Bear” on July 12.

What great children’s programs are on TV? Find out with our Kids TV recommendations for. Watch a kids show with Kaycie Chase, Jessica Kardos, Varvara Sarantseva or Millie Davis and enjoy the good time.

What children’s programs are on television today? Image: Adobestock/G. Lombardo

With the children’s tips from you are well informed again, whether children’s series, animal reports or children’s magazine: We have selected six nice programs for you children’s TV program so you only see the best. Expect great actors and actresses like Millie Davis, Kaycie Chase, Varvara Sarantseva and Jessica Kardos. Here are our TV recommendations for kids:

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Animated series: “Mama Fox and Papa Badger” with Kaycie Chase and Cécile Gatto (Wed. 7:20 a.m. on KiKa)

Mama Fox and her daughter suddenly become homeless when their den collapses. They are at papa badger. His two children aren’t so enthusiastic, but Papa Badger falls in love with Mama Fox. This is how the emergency shelter becomes the vixens’ new home. Living together is a bit difficult here and there, but together they master all challenges.

Kaycie Chase as Rosie, Cécile Gatto as Matteo, Lucille Boudonnat as Luis, Caroline Combes as Emmie, Bruno Magnes as Papy/Edmund and Kelly Marot as Biva/Margret promise 25 minutes of entertainment in this animated series by Florian Ferrier.

Animation series: “Belle et Sébastien” with Jessica Kardos and Sonja Ball (Wednesday 09:00 on KiKa)

The White Dragon: In the inn, the owner Roberta tells the fascinating legend of the white dragon, which is said to reside in the mountains. Sébastien immediately goes looking for him with his dog Belle. With his thirst for adventure, Sebastian knows no fear. He climbs higher and higher into the mountains and even finds strange trails that point to the dragon. But he has no idea that he is not alone in the mountains and that he is being followed. The cheeky kid: Sébastien plays recklessly with farmer Ivan’s goats.

This animated series from Lionel François stars Jessica Kardos as Cameron, Sonja Ball as Gabriel, Mark Camacho as Dr. Guillaume, Brittany Drisdelle as Angelina, Angela Galuppo as Sébastien and Terrence Scammell as César promise. 50 minutes of entertainment.

Animated series: “Masha and the Bear” with Varvara Sarantseva and Boris Kutnevich (Wednesday 12:55 p.m. on KiKa)

Robot friends: Masha received a robot doll. Maschuko is a gifted dancer. When Masha is about to present her new miracle to the bear, she finds him in total chaos. He ransacked his house trying to wash, iron, cook and watch TV at the same time. The bear also needs a robot. Unfortunately, he delegates the bear. It’s only when Masha appears with Maschuko that the bear finally has peace…

Starring Varvara Sarantseva as Mashuko/Masha, Boris Kutnevich as Robot Medvedya/Medved and Kaitlyn McCormick as Mashuko/Masha, this animated series directed by Roly Gutiérrez promises 10 minutes of entertainment.

Youth series: “Odd Squad – Young agents save the world” with Millie Davis and Sean Michael Kyer (Wednesday 3:00 p.m. on KiKa)

The pizza delivery girl suddenly quadrupled? All zeros gone? Santa Claus loses his reindeer? Olive and Otto are there and solve all the weird problems using math and the coolest gadgets made by the Odd Squad lab, led by lab leader Oscar. The boss, Mrs. O., strictly directs the headquarters of the agents.

This youth series directed by JJ Johnson stars Millie Davis as Mrs. O, Sean Michael Kyer as Agent Oscar, Dalila Bela as Agent Olive, Filip Geljo as Agent Otto, Christian Distefano as Agent Owen and Peyton Kennedy as Dr. O promise 45 minutes of entertainment.

Animal report: “Anna and the wild beasts” (Wed. 7:25 p.m. on KiKa)

Anna travels the world in search of wild animals in their natural habitat. Each episode is about a special animal. It could be bison in the Döberitzer Heide, dolphins in Florida or polar bears in Canada. Anna meets people who care about these animals, work with them and are committed to their conservation.

This animal report on KiKa lasts 25 minutes.

Youth magazine: “The show with the elephant” (game 6:55 on KiKa)

Mouse’s best friend now has his own show. Happy stomp and carefree trumpeting, the little blue elephant guides you through the entertainment magazine to wonder, discover, laugh and participate, which is especially aimed at television beginners.

This children’s magazine on KiKa lasts 24 minutes.

If you are looking for other exciting movies, series or current sports broadcasts in the TV schedule, you will find many TV recommendations in our TV news section.

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