United States: 100 million people affected by the increase in air quality alert levels

Environmental agency sees wildfires in Canada as the main cause

100 million people in the United States affected by the increase in air quality warning levels

Yesterday, 07.06.2023 | 23:43

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) told AFP news agency on Wednesday that the warnings affected most of the northeastern United States, extending as far west as Chicago. and south to Atlanta. Orange warning level or higher applies to those affected.

The orange alert level corresponds to air pollution that has potential impacts on the health of vulnerable populations such as the elderly or children. Many major cities, including New York and Washington, were hit with a higher red alert on Wednesday, with air quality considered unhealthy even for the general population. Wildfires that have been raging across Canada for weeks are the main cause, he added. However, locally emitted pollutant emissions and weather conditions could also play a role.

Wildfires have been raging across Canada for weeks. More than 2,200 fires have already been recorded this year and about 3.8 million hectares of forest have burned. The winds carry the smoke particles to the southern neighbor of the United States. According to experts, the frequency and severity of forest fires have increased due to global warming.

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