Valtteri Bottas criticizes the FIA ​​for banning political messages: “We want to control”

Vettel was in Canada in June campaigned for the environment with a t-shirt and criticized oil sands development in the province of Alberta. In 2021 he carried the Budapest Grand Prix in Hungary a shirt with the inscription “Same Love”.
Record-breaking world champion Hamilton has repeatedly sent out strong anti-racism messages in the past. “I think Formula 1 has done a good job of drawing attention to some of these issues and a lot of drivers have spoken out,” Bottas said. “Express” outside.

Although the Finn himself prefers to focus on the track, “politics is also part of today’s society,” said Hamilton’s former Mercedes team-mate. He therefore criticized the muzzle of the FIA ​​for the pilots. “I think we should have the right to talk about whatever we want,” Bottas said.

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In December, the world association had considerably tightened its regulations and now prohibited from “giving and showing political, religious and personal positions or comments which are contrary to the neutral principles of the FIA” unless authorized in writing by officials.

Bottas hints: ‘We’ll see’

Motorsport legend Hans-Joachim Stuck also had the decision in an exclusive interview with criticized last month.

“I don’t think it’s good at all” cleared Garmisch-Partenkirchen in December: “All drivers are personalities who use their lives to succeed. Why shouldn’t they have the right to freedom of expression?”

It cannot be ruled out that the drivers around record-breaking champion Hamilton are on a divisive trajectory in the coming year. Bottas at least hinted to the Swedish newspaper: “We’ll see what happens.”

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