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Ljubljana (dpa) – The words of captain Lukas Kampa already sounded like a farewell to the World Cup. “It’s hard to find diplomatic words. The honest answer is that under certain circumstances we are not able to play our volleyball in a certain state of stress,” said the frustrated German volleyball setter after the final lost group of the World Cup.

Kampa’s team had no chance in the 0:3 against the very concentrated second, Slovenia. After the second bankruptcy in the third game, the Germans have no further progress in their hands and must hope for help from the competition, which will not be in action until Wednesday.

“I hope we get the chance to go a little further here. Otherwise, honestly, we don’t deserve it,” Kampa said ruthlessly. In the crucial phases, the team simply cannot call “what we need to survive on such a stage”.

The Germans had previously lost against the Olympic champions of France (0-3) then won against the Cameroonian outsiders (3-0). After losing to co-hosts Slovenia in front of around 12,000 fans in Ljubljana, the 2014 bronze winners finished third in Group D. Only the top two teams in each group and the top four third-placed teams qualify for the round of 16.

Competitors like Argentina or Canada can inflict a quick tournament knockout on the Germans.

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