When his owner takes a closer look, she immediately takes a picture

Canada- No, she was not visibly surprised by this sight. Dog lover Kendall, who lives in Canada with her two dachshunds, wasn’t upset by the torn toilet paper in the living room. But when she took a closer look at the “culprit”, the Canadian woke up. She quickly pulled out her cell phone odd Dachshund Bumi photo session.

What’s wrong with the Bumi Dachshund? © Reddit/Screenshot/u/cambriathecat

The eleven-month-old boy didn’t seem to feel the slightest bit of remorse. Instead, in Kendall’s opinion, he had a cheeky “smile” on his face.

“It’s not the first roll of toilet paper he’s destroyed, but the smile was so funny I had to share it,” the mistress said in an interview today. Newsweek. In the meantime, the photo of his dachshund has been opening for a few days Reddit Round.

Incidentally, the four-legged friend only needed ten minutes for the chaos. Because his mistress hadn’t been gone for so long. Kendall was all the more amused when she looked at the rascal: “He just looked so mad when I came over.”

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She also explained that the four-legged friend, along with her companion Coheed, was one hell of a mess.


Kendall apparently has the dogs she wanted

Looking closer, mom Kendall saw a cheeky “smile” on the dachshund’s face. © Reddit/Screenshot/u/cambriathecat

“My couch armrest got chewed off,” the dog’s owner said. “Toilet paper, tissues or napkins are not safe around him,” she said.

But despite everything, Bumi also has a nice side. “He loves to walk around, bark at people through the window and play with my other dachshund,” Kendall says.

By the way, the owner does not believe that her dogs will behave better in the future. On the contrary: it seems that the right people have found each other.

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Because Kendall obviously knew from the start who she was bringing into the house. “The clutter, the ‘I don’t feel bad about it’ look,” she explained, is typical “dachshund stuff.”

As a result, the Reddit user is home to exactly the dogs she’s always wanted.

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