“Where the hell is Gelsenkirchen?!” – Taylor Swift fans are blaspheming around the world

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From: Lisa Siegel

Taylor Swift will perform one of three concerts in Germany at the Schalke Arena in Gelsenkirchen in 2024. Fans all over the world are shaking their heads.

Gelsenkirchen – New York, Rio, Tokyo – and Gelsenkirchen. This isn’t a remake of the well-known 80s hit, but a list of places Taylor Swift will stop on her “Eras” tour in 2023 and 2024. But there are reasons plausible reasons for which the American superstar gives one of the three German concerts in the Ruhr area – and not in Berlin, for example.

Taylor Swift on Schalke: the world star plays one of three concerts in Germany in Gelsenkirchen

One thing is certain: the concerts of Taylor Swift’s “Eras” tour will go down in history. The multiple Grammy winner has been touring the United States since early 2023, with concerts in South America to follow at the end of the year. A few days ago, Taylor Swift announced it: In 2024, the interpreter of “Love Story” will come to Europe after a break of several years. In Germany, Taylor Swift performs in Hamburg, Munich and Gelsenkirchen.

There is a huge rush for coveted tickets even before they go on sale. In the USA, the singer’s fans sometimes paid more than 1000 euros per ticket. In Germany, ticket seller Eventim has developed a registration system: Anyone who registers in advance will be drawn for the advance sale.

“Where the hell is Gelsenkirchen?!” – Taylor Swift fans around the world are blaspheming about the concert at Schalke

The fact that world star Taylor Swift is giving a concert in Gelsenkirchen in addition to European metropolises such as London, Paris or Madrid has caused ridicule and frustration around the world. After all, fans in Canada, Africa, or several major Asian cities, like Bangkok, get nothing at all. Angry comments from German and international fans can be read on Twitter and Instagram:

  • Taylor Swift could have gone to any city in Germany and chosen Gelsenkirchen?!
  • First google where Gelsenkirchen is
  • So Taylor Swift is coming to Hamburg, Munich and… Gelsenkirchen?
  • Where the hell is Gelsenkirchen?
  • Taylor Swift would rather play at Schalke than in Canada. Wow.
  • Taylor Swift just announced her European tour and she’s not coming to Berlin, but fucking Gelsenkirchen??
  • If you asked me as a German where Gelsenkirchen is, I couldn’t answer.

Taylor Swift is giving a concert in Gelsenkirchen in 2024 for two reasons

It is not at all surprising that the American superstar Taylor Swift gives one of her three concerts in Germany in Gelsenkirchen. The deciding factor for the choice of location was probably not Gelsenkirchen itself, but the Veltins Arena. The Arena in the Ruhr area is not only the home of Schalke 04, but also a popular concert hall.

On Instagram, a fan explains: “They are currently doing their American tour in arenas which have a capacity of more than 65,000 spectators. That is why cities like Cologne or Frankfurt are excluded. Even Berlin cannot come for reasons logistics.” Nearly 80,000 spectators pack into the Schalke Arena for concerts at a time – that’s significantly more than in Berlin, Frankfurt or Cologne. Only a concert at the BVB stadium in Dortmund would probably exceed capacity. Traditionally , however, no concerts take place here (read more about Dortmund concerts on RUHR24).

Taylor Swift performs at Schalke Arena in Gelsenkirchen on July 18, 2024. © IMAGO/Amy McKeon

Taylor Swift in Gelsenkirchen: That’s why one of the concerts of the “Eras” tour takes place at Schalke

Another German fan explains to the angry crowd: “(The concert in Schalke) is also absolutely justified. Gelsenkirchen is one of the largest conurbations in continental Europe. Several million people live in the Ruhr area and its surroundings, and they are certainly entitled to good entertainment.Taylor Swift is lucky.Now she has the chance to discover the unique Ruhr area.

Several world stars have already got to know the “unique Ruhr area” in the past – and struggled with the word “Gelsenkirchen”, which is quite difficult for Brits and Americans. Last year, for example, Ed Sheeran sold out Schalke Arena for several days. The Rolling Stones also performed in Gelsenkirchen.

Given the current rush on tickets, it is also to be expected that Taylor Swift will also sell out the Schalke Arena. A fan also ended the Instagram discussion about Gelsenkirchen with the words: “I don’t care where she is in Germany. I drive everywhere for them.

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