Where to go on vacation in 2023? These are the safest travel countries for tourists

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From: Johannes Nuss

Are you already planning your vacation for 2023? A risk map from A3M shows where tourists will travel safest in 2023 and where it will be dangerous.

Hamburg/Tübingen – where it goes consumer going on vacation in 2023? It should be as safe as possible. This leaves countries like Ukraine or Iran out of the equation. In the Eastern European country, the escalation since February 2022 Ukrainian War, and a revolution is currently brewing in Iran. The German company A3M, based in Hamburg and Tübingen, has now created a so-called risk map which analyzes the risk potential in all countries of the world, reports kreiszeitung.de.

Holidays 2023: these are the safest travel countries for tourists

The company’s criteria include entry and exit, land transport (air transport, public transport, taxis, cars and other means of transport), infrastructure, health, risk of infection, natural hazards and environment, security (relative to crime, etc.) and much more under the microscope.

A large number of factors therefore play a role in the risk classifications of countries and regions. Countries and regions where travelers should inform themselves about country-specific risks before a trip are marked with the traffic colors orange and red. In principle, however, the relevant information is also stored in countries with less risk for travelers.

Summer, sun, vacation: the A3M company has calculated where it is particularly safe for tourists. (Iconic image) © Sina Schuldt/dpa/Iconic image

Overall, the map is divided into five color-coded country categories. These range from dark green for “very low risk” to dark red for “very high risk”. Very few countries are marked in dark green. As a result, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Canada are extremely safe travel countries in 2023.

Even a country like the United States currently only receives a light green classification. This also applies to Spain, Italy and France. Unsurprisingly, the most dangerous place in Europe right now is Ukraine.

Popular vacation countries such as Turkey or Thailand appear on the risk map with a yellowish tone. This coloring means that there is an increased security risk in this country, but at the same time, no special precautions need to be taken before entering the country.

The safest countries to travel to: Risk Map divides security risks for tourists into five categories

Entry into countries colored red or dark red is only possible with considerable security risks. Those who can should refrain from traveling to such a country. Ukraine, Iran, Iraq and Syria appear on the map in dark red.

If you still want to enter, you should find out about the security risk in the respective country in advance and take appropriate precautions.

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