Why Queen Elizabeth II never revealed her favorite food – and who did instead

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From: Susanne Kroeber

The British royal family rarely divulges private affairs. Even on a relatively innocuous subject, Queen Elizabeth II has always kept a low profile. For good reason!

London – A comment on the biography of Prince Harry (38 years old)? A statement on the Netflix documentary by Harry and Megan Markle (41)? The members of the British royal family will not be able to say anything so quickly. But there are also topics that sound like innocuous chatter, which Queen Elizabeth († 96), who died in September 2022, would never have spoken about publicly.

‘We would never serve him anything else’: This is why Queen Elizabeth II didn’t talk about her favorite food

Unforgettable is the short film on her platinum birthday, in which Queen Elizabeth II drinks tea with Paddington Bear and tells her cuddly guest what she always has in her purse in case of an emergency: a jam sandwich. However, whether the monarch likes to have sweets or crisps in private, she prefers to keep it to herself. And the reason is obvious.

Members of the royal family also like to snack: Queen Elizabeth II had a weakness for chocolate. (Edit) © IMAGO/Aviation-Stock/picture alliance/dpa/Julian Simmonds/The Daily Telegraph

During her reign of more than 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II attended countless state appointments, and elaborate menus or at least delicious appetizers were a must. Queen Elizabeth obviously wanted to avoid being served the same thing over and over again, so she remained fiercely quiet about taste preferences. “One of her employees said to me, ‘If she said she had a favorite dish, we would never serve her anything else'”explains Gordon Rayner, royal expert and co-editor of the telegraph.

Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear is a popular children’s book character created by British author Michael Bond (91, † 2017). In 1958, the first story appeared, about the little bear that the Brown family found on the platform of Paddington station in London and took with them. Another 26 volumes followed by 2017. There are several series about Paddington Bear, in 2014 the film adaptation of the series was released with the British comedy “Paddington”. “Paddington 2” followed in 2017, a third installment has already been announced.

‘A total chocoholic’: Queen’s ex-chef chats out of the box

Queen Elizabeth II hasn’t revealed what she likes to eat in public, but her former private chef, Darren McGrady, offered some insider advice in a previous interview. “The Queen is a total chocolate addict,” the Queen’s ex-chef said aloud Good morning-Magazine. “Chocolate sponge cake is the only cake that arrives at the royal table every day.” Prince William (40) is also a big fan of chocolate cake.

Too much of a good thing can also be bad, but that’s the queen’s fear. And she was probably spot on with it. If she had revealed that she had a thing for chocolate, Queen Elizabeth II would most likely have received something sweet at every official occasion – a big temptation for the Queen, who was also watching her figure. But the queen didn’t just rely on secrecy when it came to favorite foods, too. the Queen remained silent during a heated family row at Sandringhamwhile Prince William allegedly yelled at his brother, as claimed by Prince Harry in the Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan. Sources used: hellomagazine.com, telegraph.co.uk

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