Xi Jinping angry with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Visibly annoyed, Chinese head of state and party leader Xi Jinping complained to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about a lack of confidentiality after their bilateral talks.


17/11/2022 – 12:02

In a video recording Wednesday, Xi Jinping was seen with Trudeau on the sidelines of the Major Economies (G20) Summit in Bali, Indonesia, saying, “Everything we discussed yesterday was leaked to the newspapers. It’s not appropriate.” This is not how the conversation should be conducted.

Those who are serious lead the dialogue with mutual respect. “Otherwise, it’s hard to say what the outcome will be,” Xi Jinping warned. Trudeau sees it differently: “In Canada, we believe in free, open and candid conversations. Perhaps the dialogue could continue. He wants to work “constructively” with Xi Jinping in the future. “But there will be things we will not agree on,” said the Prime Minister of Canada.

Xi looks displeased – then smiles again

Xi Jinping looked displeased and said, “Create the conditions.” He then shook hands with Trudeau, made a friendly face again, and walked away. It was the first meeting between Trudeau and Xi Jinping in more than three years.

However, unlike Xi Jinping’s meetings with other heads of state and government, this meeting was not declared official. According to news reports, Trudeau complained about Chinese interference in Canadian democracy during the talks.

Relations are strained. After the chief financial officer of telecommunications group Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in 2018 at the request of the United States, China arrested two Canadians and charged them with alleged espionage. Diplomats spoke of “hostage diplomacy”. After a long standoff with US legal authorities, Meng Wanzhou was able to return to China under a barter deal in 2021. It was only then that the two Canadians were released.

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