ZDF moderator provokes with statement of “compulsory fees” – and follows up

Dunja Hayali started a heated discussion on Twitter.Image: imago images/Martin Hoffmann


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Reports by public broadcasters have long been a recurring point of contention on social media. Right-wingers in particular have accused many ÖRR formats of being tendentious (leaning to the left) and that charging the broadcast fee is therefore impertinence.

In this context, the term “compulsory fees” is often used. Additionally, ZDF presenter Dunja Hayali made a clear announcement on Twitter – and received unsurprisingly violent reactions. Nevertheless, the 49-year-old followed suit again.

Dunja Hayali makes a statement

On July 18, the moderator of “Morgenmagazin” first wrote that she systematically blocks people who use the word “mandatory fee” on social networks.

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In turn, she gave two reasons for this: she was the “wrong person to contact” and generally this “‘argument’ plays no role in discussions on the XY topic”. In this context, she spoke of “Whataboutism”. At the same time, however, she made it clear that reforms in the ÖRR “would be good”, so her message is not entirely devoid of criticism.


In May 2023, Hayali last hosted “The Current Sport Studio”.Image: IMAGO/Martin Hoffmann

Nonetheless, a wave of outrage quickly erupted against Hayali. “Why don’t you read the word and process the reviews and the content? This tweet instead?! A bit revealing, don’t you think?“, is one of the comments. Various people also provocatively put the word “mandatory fee” under the tweet to force the moderator to block it.

Dunja Hayali was unfazed at first and responded to many of the comments personally. But the more she progressed in the reactions, the more she seemed frustrated.

ZDF presenter speaks out again

Finally, she resumed speaking just below her original message with an addition. She “had no idea what was going to happen.” Then she calculated:

“It showed once again that most people who use the word ‘compulsory fee’ don’t get anything substantial.”

On the other hand, Dunja Hayali thanked those who left constructive comments for the “criticisms and reform proposals”. Incidentally, “you are welcome to call the radio contribution whatever you want. Good luck!”.

It remains to be seen whether the subject is closed for them, at least on Twitter. In any case, only people followed by the moderator can now reply to the post.

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